April 1, 2011


IT'S TIME. We have to understand our power as individual human beings and the responsibility that comes along with this power. It's high time we realize how our brain functions, why we "have to think with the heart" and how YOU can have an affect on the global change that is now taking place. It's high time we understand that we have the POWER TO CHANGE OUR REALITY IF WE CHANGE. It's high time we start thinking about PEACE, BLISS, LOVE and forget all the chaotic negativity around us. It is NOW the time to understand that if we want Peace in the world, Peace we must create in our hearts first. It is NOW the time to do one simple thing... MEDITATE. Be a part of the change, it's only a thought away.

 "Be the change you want to see in the world" ~ Mohandas Ghandi 

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