November 19, 2010

Something seems to be terribly wrong.

Browsing around the internet, I laid eyes upon a girl showing off herself and her blog: “Hi, I’m Cristina. I have great boobs and I smoke weed”.

It took me some moments to react. It sounded so weird to me, the words she used, the attitude she wanted to show off  and the fact that smoking weed is something to brag about and make others follow you.

I let my mind drift some more, elevate above what I just read and see the bigger picture. I ended up thinking about all of us that try so hard to identify with something, so to be “something” in our lives. I am pretty, aka I copy this and this famous stars/ I am successful, aka I bust my ass all day long to obtain all that glitter in my life / I drive this expensive car- hold this expensive bag- show off flesh, aka please notice me  - and the list goes on and on and on. I keep wondering, why do we have to put labels on us to be somebody, somebody acceptable from the various societies we wish to belong to.

Have we forgotten that what really matters is simply the person we are? A friend asked me, “If I take all these so called labels off, what is left then”? The answer is simple: You. What you really are, is what is left when all the labels die, the real you – the real me, is the person on a desert island: without the labels, the car, the make-up, the hair, the fake money, the lies, the various masks we use.

We have fallen in the trap of identifying with the material world and with our Ego. The words “I”, “my” and “mine” all of a sudden give a different dimension to objects and situations. Try saying “Paul’s car was stolen”. Everything is okay, nothing great happened. Now try “my car was stolen”. See? The power of identification, the power of owning something that adds “something” to your personality, that is an extension of yourself, an enhancement of yourself. How sad that all that  vanity and identification is haunting us more than ever before in history. Now, more than ever before, you need to have something in order to be somebody. Even if you are not, or have no significant achievements, you can be somebody in Facebook or mySpace. You have to be accepted, be praised and admired, not for who you are though- but for what you have: the business, the car, the looks, the connections. You have to have an audience, you have to have an identity- you have to be somebody significant somehow. And all that, just to obtain  a place in the (artificial) sun(?)…

All these labels ultimately do not add something to us. The opposite. They take away our real self, the sense of freedom, the ability to express the way we want.
We have lost faith in the real power that we were born with, the real beauty, the real wisdom. We chose to find all that in the material world. And according to the statistics, the wars, the financial crisis, the prozac consumption, the various increasing mental disorders and the numerous visits to the psychologist, we have chosen the wrong way.

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